How to Cope with Pregnancy and Postpartum Hair

Yoga pants? Check. Leftover mac ‘n cheese for breakfast? Check. Toddler-flung-yogurt-and-breast-milk-as-styling-pomade? Umm…okay, check.

“Pregnancy [and postpartum] hair is not always a negative thing. It’s just one less thing we want to deal with,” said stylist Sarah Kostreva (pictured).

Your hair may be falling out, growing in, and getting thicker or thinner (or you might be experiencing all of these at once), but with the right hair product, your hair will look like conception never happened.

Find a hairstylist you know and trust and, most importantly, be honest with him or her about your hair issues to find the product that’s right for you, said Kostreva, Education Manager at The Style Garage, Owner of Uniq. salon in Crivitz, Wisconsin, and mother of six.

Sarah’s favorite styling fix for on-the-go moms in need of a hair miracle? DOO.OVER by KEVIN.MURPHY. A texturizer, dry shampoo, and hairspray that adds volume, texture, hold and gets rid of residue and oils (and maybe even some spaghetti sauce and spilled milk, too). Don’t have time for a shower? Don’t worry. DOO.OVER gives your hair new life and a totally new look.

“Your hair is dirty when you’re a mom. Go from diapers to glam in four seconds, I promise you.”

It’s very normal for your hair to undergo changes during these trying times, also known as the childbearing years. During pregnancy, your hair spends a longer time in the growing (anagen) stage than the resting (telogen) stage, creating that thick, luscious mane you’ve always desired. Post-pregnancy, your hair sheds (like MAD) when more hair goes into the resting phase than normal.

Treating pregnancy hair problems is all about adapting. Pick the product for the hair you have right now, not the hair you used to have. The faster you can do that, the faster you can eliminate and prevent problems.

For hair care, she recommends PLUMPING.WASH, PLUMPING.RINSE and BODY.MASS by KEVIN.MURPHY, a shampoo, conditioner, and plumping treatment spray trio that elongates the time hair stays in its growing state. Any shampoo or conditioner is safe for moms and moms-to-be, but she recommends using a volumizing or thickening system to add some height and lessen the amount or appearance of hair loss.

As a stylist and mother of six, she’s seen a lot and been through it all.

“Something always changes,” Sarah said. “I’ve seen hair that’s dry, brittle, falling out, thinning, coming back a different texture and won’t take to a perm or color.”

Her advice for expecting mothers is to deep condition and replenish hair with what it needs to prepare for the hormone buildup and changes that may cause hair loss in post-pregnancy. To fix the toughest problems with pregnancy hair, here are the products Sarah recommends:

Thinning Hair and Hair Loss: PLUMPING.WASH and PLUMPING.RINSE with BODY.MASS spray, all by KEVIN.MURPHY. “This is the first regrowth treatment I’ve come across that isn’t drying,” she said. “It controls and reduces DHT, helps regrow hair and keeps hair in it’s growing [anagen] stage longer.”

Dry Hair: HYDRATE-ME.WASH, HYDRATE-ME.RINSE and HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE by KEVIN.MURPHY. They’re a moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning treatment.

Greasy Hair: MAXI.WASH by KEVIN.MURPHY twice a week. It’s a detoxifying shampoo. It’s amazing.

Flyaways: When you have so many baby hairs in the front that you could literally comb a bang, don’t be discouraged. It’s not breakage, it’s regrowth. Just let your hair grow!

Problems with hair during pregnancy isn’t a life sentence. Remember that it’s only temporary and that your hair should go back to normal one year after pregnancy or breastfeeding.

“Even if your hair sucks (probably not as much as mine), you’ll look at your babies and say it was all worth it.”

A good hair day, whether you’re a mother or not, depends on the quality of your hair product, haircut, and the education of and recommendations your stylist provides. To find a salon that offers high quality professional products, find a KEVIN.MURPHY salon near you and tell your stylist to shop at The Style Garage, a beauty distributor located in Menominee, Michigan, to stock up on professional salon products!

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