Giveaway: Hair Products from The Style Garage!

Today’s giveaway from The Style Garage, while geared toward pregnant and parenting moms, is really for anyone jonesing to get their hands on some luxury hair products for freeeeeeeeee. You could win four products in total: one (1) 8.53 oz. bottle of DOO.OVER dry powder finishing hairspray, one (1) 8.4 oz. bottle of PLUMPING.WASH shampoo, one (1) 8.4 oz. bottle of PLUMPING.RINSE conditioner, and one (1) 3.4 oz. bottle of BODY.MASS leave-in plumping treatment. Visit KEVIN.MURPHY to learn about these high-performance organic hair products.


To enter the giveaway, simply leave a note in the comments about (1) your biggest hair fiasco (that time in 7th grade you sprayed your locks with Sun In then spent the day at the beach…while wearing a ball cap), or (2) your best hair styling secret (mix one part egg white with two parts Coleman’s mustard and blow dry? Sure, why not…).


Have a great hair day!

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