PeanutButter Illustration 1 Even on the very best days, parenthood is rarely a Bento box lunch.  No cantaloupe rosettes or pipetted hummus or (brown) rice balls shaped like kittens whiskered with strategically placed strips of nori sustain our small dependents.  Most days, parenthood is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: crusts optional, whole grain content negotiable, grams of sugar confidential.

We own that reality with you and want to talk about it: the military mom who once diapered her daughter in an airline blanket on a 14-hour flight from Nepal; the new divorcé who all but skips to his car on Fridays en route to pick up his eight-year-old twins; the woman who lost her baby in the ninth month and returned to work a week later.  We have nothing and everything in common with their experience.  We have nothing and everything to learn from their pain and their joy.

Katie Brown, Editor-in-Chief, is a non-practicing attorney-social worker trolling LinkedIn profiles in metro D.C.  Her wolf pack includes her curly-haired economist husband, curly-haired heavyweight toddler, and–for good measure–a curly-haired poodle named Atticus.  She likes to write and eat kimchi out of the jar.